1956 Library Council, Austrian Institute for Library Research, Documentation and Information at the ANL
1971 Library reform study group (Federal Ministry for Science and Research)
1975 University Organisation Act (UOG 75)
1979 1st conference of university library directors
1979 From the 3rd session: conference of university and art academy library directors
1984 Library directors’ study group
1992 Syndicate (ARGE) of library directors
1992 Expanded university library directors’ study group
1993 University Organisation Act (UOG 93)
2002 Federal Act on the Organisation of Universities and their Studies
2011 Forum of Austrian University Libraries (ubifo)
2012 Initiation of assessment under public procurement law of literature acquisitions by university libraries
2013 – Development and implementation of a procurement process for Austrian university libraries (HRSM Project)
– Initiative on the joint construction of national e-infrastructures for the inspection of research services in Austria (HRSM Project)
2014 Internal ubifo survey on quality management in university libraries
2015 Advisory opinion from ubifo on the amendments to the Copyright Act, in particular on secondary publication rights with open access.
2017 Conclusion of the e-Infrastructures Austria HRSM project, in which all the university libraries in Austria had participated.
2017 Continuation of the e-Infrastructures Austria HRSM project as e-Infrastructures Austria plus
2017 Initiative for the HRSM project, Austrian Transition to Open Access AT2OA) The aim of the project is the transformation of closed to open access for scientific publications and the establishment of supportive measures.