RepManNet aims at establishing an Austrian network connecting persons who are responsible for maintaining repositories. Regardless of the size, contents and technology of the participating repositories, members of the network discuss different topics from a professional perspective and try to find strategies and solutions for tackling pending issues. At the same time, the network serves as a discussion forum on future functions and tasks of repositories and the related challenges. Through expert lectures and different events, members of the network can broaden their knowledge of repositories and contribute to optimising the systems in place.

Current key topics are:

  • Requirements of funding bodies
  • Raising awareness of archiving
  • Exchange of experiences of research data archiving
  • Formats for long-term archiving
  • Legal issues
  • Long-term archiving – infrastructures
  • Migration of data
  • Repository and data policies
  • Statistical tools
  • Data visualisation options
  • Collecting and providing current literature
  • Citation techniques

Special interest groups:

  • Accessibility
  • Digital humanities
  • Joint project for Open Access Week
  • Theses
  • Increasing the visibility of repositories
  • Certifications for repositories


RepManNet Working Groups:

  • Accessibility
  • Digital Humanities
  • DINI in Austria
  • FAIR Metadata
  • Research Data Management in Practice
  • Project for Open Access Week
  • Goobi
  • Handbook Repository Management
  • Theses
  • Making Repositories Visible
  • Certification of Repositories